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Smell the Leather and See the Land

Riverside escapes, full-day journeys, or be a gaucho for the day

Saddle Up To Experience

True Serenity Exploring Nature

Raw and natural beauty awaits you on a journey that includes serene water crossings, breathtaking views, and a serenity found only in lonely places. Marvel at Lanin Volcano, towering  3,777 meters or 12,000 feet tall and extending to the Chilean border. As the highest peak in the region and a designated national park, it serves as a remarkable backdrop throughout your ride. And don’t let inexperience in the saddle deter you. From equine expert to beginner, our stable of horses can accommodate riders of any skill level.

The choice is yours: A leisurely ride along the riverside, a full-day excursion and picnic lunch, or an authentic Argentine asado prepared by a true Patagonian gaucho. And when your ride is over, it’s back to the lodge for unwinding with a handcrafted cocktail. For a grittier experience of the gaucho way of life, we invite you to become a gaucho yourself with a hands-on-the-reins cattle drive. Working alongside our experienced gauchos, you’ll gain insights into traditions and customs you’d never read in a brochure. It’s an invitation to discover the rugged nature of the Argentine wilderness… or even get your hands a little dirty as a gaucho for the day.