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Northern Patagonia has the reputation to be one of the best regions to hunt small and big game in South America. The CollonCuraValley has the highest density of wild life in the area; Red Stag, Wild Boar, Puma (Mountain lion or Cougar) Red Fox, Guanacos (Patagonian llama) American Rea, Hare, Rabbits, Armadillo, Quail, Silver Snipe, Gus, Ducks, Eagles, Condors,Hawks are some of the species found in the area.
The season for Red Stag Trophy starts in March 1st through May 31st, but rut season becomes stronger from the second week through the fourth week of March.
The valley is located on the eastern side of the Andes Mountains, at the foot ofChapelco, the largest mountain. Although the area is arid, we found lots of vegetation on the valley that provide the perfect covert for the hunter to feel comfortable stalking. Both disciplines - Rifle and Archery - are allowed during the season.

Although our guests can shoot a wild boar in March while hunting red stags, the prime time is during the heat from June till the end of August.


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