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Everything is prepared for fly fishing anglers to have an unforgettable stay, including specialized guides, vehicles, drift boats, outdoor lunches.
The three rivers carry a significant amount of water that allow our guests to navigate different stretches on drift boats to access every area of water that can hold fish. Thus, we propose a minimum of 3 different fishing float trips, on the upper AlumineRiver down to the house (4 miles), on the lower Chimehuin River down to the house (9 miles), from the house down - 4 miles on the upper CollonCura River, all of these options are combined with wading fishing so the anglers can get a full experience of fishing on these waters.
Crystal clear waters surrounded by willows and water oaks provide the perfect habitat for trout, rainbow and brown trout are the predominantspecies, the average fish is 18 inches but it is not unlikely to catch browns over 20 inches.
Throughout the season there is a large variety of hatches as well as terrestrials that provide the perfect conditions for sight fishing on dry flies, especially on side channels and pocket water.
Streamer fishing is considered to be a very effective way of catching fish especially at the head of the runs and riffles. Late in the season, the brown trout population of the lower CollonCura River and some lakes around the area migrates upstreamto reach the spawning ground, during this process there is a good chance of catching a lifetime record fish!

Alumine River (shining button, native language) & Collon Cura River (Stone mask, native language)
These rivers are of a considerable size, free stone slow fluent with over hanging willows, pocket water, back eddies, drop off, high banks and beautiful rock formations that go straight down to the water provides perfect conditions for the sport. Despite all the hatches that we have during the season, these rivers are known to have the best terrestrial fishing of the area, hoppers, ants, crickets, worms and others, casting big attractors against the bank will keep everybody entertained with exciting strikes! 
The CollonCuraRiver has more fish per mile than any other river in the area, the average fish is around 16 to 18 inches, brown over 20 inches are not unlikely.

The Chimehuin River (Settlement, in native language)
Of the three rivers, this is probably the smallest and most beautiful one, paradise for dry fly fishing, 9 miles of perfect pocket water, back eddies, rock structure, over hanging willows and water oaks combined with great hatches throughout the season, gin clear water makes this river a great place for sight fishing
Early in the season most fish are found in side channels, where wadding and casting are more manageable making the angler feel more comfortable, later in the season the water level drops significantly allowing the angler to wade most parts to fish the best waters!


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